Vertical Roller Mill for Slag Grinding

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The vertical roller mill combines the drying, grinding and separation processes into just one unit, which simplifies the plant layout. And since it operates at a low noise level, outdoor installation is feasible substantially decreasing civil construction costs and enhancing the working atmosphere.

slag vertical roller mill

Slag vertical roller mill is created on the good quality and advanced engineering. Basic layout and fewer machines within the vertical roller mill circuit make certain high run-factor and low maintenance fees. Roller and table profile enhance operating stability and reliability. Specific style functions for iron removal throughout slag grinding minimise put on. Optimal wear protection on all internal surfaces extends lifetime. Flexibility to operate with two or 4 rollers guarantees long-term availability. Segmented roller wear parts created from the hardest attainable material devoid of the threat of cracking; very suitable for difficult facing.

Even though slag vertical roller mill is very sturdy, you should nevertheless make sure you:

  • Stop put on from air blasting in very good time;
  • Keep seals in great condition to prevent wear and false air;
  • Change filters and hold lubrication systems in excellent condition;
  • Adjust roller stoppers to prevent roller table contact;
  • Change nitrogen pressure in hydraulic accumulators based on grinding pressure;
  • Fix oil spills/leakages and change hoses as necessary.



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