Pebbles Processing Plant

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The processing of pebbles usually requires several steps of coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing sand washing and sand washing. The specific process is as follows: the cobblestone is uniformly fed into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing, after coarse crushing .

The cobblestone is sent to the cone crusher by the conveyor for medium crushing. The chopped material after the crushing is sieved by a circular vibrating screen. The materials that meet the requirements are sent to the sand making machine for fine crushing and sand making, which does not meet the requirements.

The material is returned to the cone crusher to continue to break. After the finely divided plastic pebbles, the granules are again screened by a circular vibrating screen, and then the qualified materials are washed into the sand washing machine to be cleaned and removed, otherwise they are again put into the sand making machine for sand making, so that the cycle is repeated until all the pebbles  are processed.

Pebbles Processing Equipment

  • Jaw Crusher: Pebbles hardness is relatively hard, so it is usually crushed by jaw crusher. Its compressive capacity is very strong, the feed size range is large, and the crushing chamber has no dead zone, so the output and The crushing efficiency is higher.
    Cone crusher: This equipment is used for re-crushing processing of pebbles. The larger feed size is 300mm. There is no requirement for hardness. The overload protection device is installed, and the operation process is very safe and stable.
    Sand making machine: The sand making machine is a fine crushing and shaping equipment commonly used for cobblestones. The finished product is in the shape of a cube. The granular shape is perfect, the particle size is also quite uniform, the grading is reasonable, the operation and maintenance work is very simple, and the sand making effect is good.
    Sand washing machine: It is used for the cleaning and processing of cobblestone particles after sand making. The amount of fine sand lost during operation is small, and the water consumption is small, which can save a lot of energy and clean thoroughly.



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