Mining And Construction Equipment

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  • (1) The concrete jaw crusher for construction waste adds a water spray dust removal device at the inlet of the original equipment to achieve the purpose of dust reduction, and the discharge port is appropriately improved.
  •  (2) The special impact crusher for construction waste is improved on the basis of the original counter-break, so that it has the anti-rebar winding function (the third adjustment part of the original equipment is properly optimized).
  • (3) The vibrating screen is sealed, which is convenient for blocking and replacing the screen.
  • (4) Magnetic separator, the technology is relatively mature and can be purchased;
  • (5) The construction waste brick and concrete separation equipment separates the brick-concrete structure in the construction waste from the reinforced concrete, which is beneficial to subsequent processing and utilization

It is only the first step of building waste recycling and sorting. If we want to use the processed construction waste reasonably and achieve zero discharge, we must also have supporting facilities to process the coarse and fine aggregate of construction waste into corresponding.

The finished product, the establishment of recycled aggregate concrete mixing station, water stability station, burn-free brick, permeable brick, insulation brick production line, prefabricated component production line, etc., to achieve comprehensive utilization of construction waste, achieve zero emissions, bring better to users Economic and social benefits.



* Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Station

* Cement Waste Processing Equipment

* Concrete Waste Crushing Unit

* Construction Waste Crushing Production Line