How To Operate A Mobile Crusher

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General Operation Details

  • Read the operating manual carefully.
  • We recommend that a safety logbook should be kept in which all work (service, repairs etc.) carried out on the machine should be entered.
  • Use only original accessories and original spare parts. The safety of the machine is impaired if this instruction is not followed.
  • Do not continue to use damaged accessories.
  • Operating personnel must be acquainted with the contents of the operating manual.
  • Do not remove instructive labels or signs.
  • Do not deactivate safety devices.
  • Unauthorized changes to the machine lead to the loss of attestation of conformity to European directives as well as the loss of the warranty.
  • Wear protective glasses!
  • Wear ear protection! The noise level is above 93dB.
  • Operating personnel must always operate the machine with safety in mind.
  • The laboratory jaw crusher is not explosion protected and is not designed to grind explosive materials.
  • Do not run the laboratory jaw crusher unsupervised.



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