Construction Waste Treatment Equipment

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Process Flow

  • After the construction waste is screened, iron-removed, and classified, the processed raw materials are processed into a counter-crusher;
  • The processed raw material is again subjected to moving cone breaking treatment and sent to a vibrating screen for screening;
  • The sieved finished products can also produce finished products of different specifications and types;

Design Advantage

  • Multi-machine combination operation, high production efficiency;
  • Good stability, uniform output grain size;
  • Excellent running performance, reliable quality of equipment and low maintenance cost;
  • Flexible and convenient to move, can be processed locally and has a small footprint;
  • The equipment is of high quality, long running time and long service life;



* Construction Waste Processing Plant

* Construction Waste Recycling Equipment

* Construction Waste Recycled Aggregate Line

* Construction Material Recycling