Cone Crusher Operation Misunderstanding

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  • Uneven feeding, not in the middle of the distributor tray, it is easy to overload the crusher, causing uneven wear of the liner; the upper part of the crusher will be beaten; the eccentric wear of the top bearing will be shortened and the life of the bearing will be shortened.
  • Starting the crusher with the crushing chamber filled with ore will cause double damage to the crusher and the motor.
  • The crusher is continuously overloaded and will break at the joint with the body. Compliance with the start will definitely cause an accident.
  • When parking, do not stop in the parking sequence as specified in the operating procedures.

After the mine is in the on-load operation, the operator must observe and pay attention to the following:

  • Pay attention to the operation of the mining and transportation belts at any time to avoid blockage accidents.
  • Always check the oil pump, cooler, filter and oil temperature. The return temperature should not exceed 60 °C.
  • Check the watertight drain of the water seal. If there is no water, it is not allowed to run.
  • Pay attention to check the oil pressure of the lock cylinder. The adjustment ring must be operated under the locked state.
  • Regularly check the wear of the lining, pay special attention to the lining fixing bolts on the adjusting ring. If it is loose, it will cause the lining to loosen. The newly changed lining should be fastened once after working for 24 hours.



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