Cone Crusher Advantage And Disadvantage

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Cone crusher is the equipment with fastest growing. Its application is also wide. It is used in the mineral processing industry and other industrial sectors, mainly used for crushing various ores. In our country, coarse crushing equipment uses cone crusher. Compared with other crushers, cone crusher has many advantages. But in actual production process, it also has some disadvantages. Today, we will analysis the advantage and disadvantage of cone crusher. Help most customers to understand deeply cone crusher.

The Advantages of Cone Crusher

  • The design of cone crusher has the novel design principle. It uses a new concept of crushing technology, which can meet different material specifications crushing, and meet the new process requirements of “more crushing less grinding”.
  • Cone crusher has no too big requirement to materials humidity. It is suitable for any hard brittle materials, and can be used for crushing of various kinds of minerals.
  • It has the advantages of crushing cavity depth, continuous operation, high production capacity, and low unit power consumption.
  • The work is relatively stable. The vibration is light. The machine basis weight is smaller. Jaw crusher basis weight machine is 5-10 times as much as the weight of itself.

Cone Crusher

A large number of projects prove that cone crusher has a good application prospect in the field of mineral processing. It is an ideal energy-saving super-fine crushing equipment. Cone crusher has great application prospect in the crushing industry. The advantages design of this machine and its superior performance is the root cause.

Disadvantages of Cone Crusher

Green is the goal of every industry. Crushing industry is no exception. In crushing process, cone crusher produces a lot of dust and solid waste. These will have a strong impact on our environment. Environmental protection and energy saving is the developing direction of cone crusher in the future.

Along with the enhancement of people environmental protection consciousness and the national emphasis on environmental pollution control, it is the trend of the times to improve the technology of crusher equipment, and develop the more efficient and energy saving crusher. The urgent affair of the crusher enterprise is in the high-profile innovation unprecedented.



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