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Hammer Mill Composition

  • Motor
  • pulley
  • V-belt
  • the main axis
  • bearing housing
  • tap hammer

Matters needing attention

  • It is forbidden to open the inspection door or run the operation when the crusher is running;
  • The power outage must be handled during the internal inspection or operation of the crusher, and more than two people.
  • When the crusher fails, it is necessary to get in touch with the central control and take precautionary measures. Do not open the inspection door at will.
  • When the crusher has an overload trip, it is necessary to check the equipment and internal conditions, and it is forbidden to force the machine to boot.
  • When it is found that the hammerhead card is large, it is strictly forbidden to handle it privately. The relevant personnel should be notified immediately to the site for treatment to prevent a safety accident.



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